Reduce Fish Stress with Safe Home

Just like humans, fish that are dealing with stress are prone to health problems. When fish are stressed, their immune systems are compromised and their slime coats are easily damaged. These changes mean that they cannot fight off infection from the usually harmless pathogens that already exist within the aquarium, thus increasing risk of disease.

Safe Home helps fish in stressful situations.

Stressful situations include being netted, travelling, exposure to poor water quality, introduction to a new environment and water changes, all of which can arise when re-homing fish.

New King British Safe Home combines the healing properties of Aloë vera and silver proteinate. This easy to use, single application treatment has been specifically formulated to aid fish health during times of stress. Silver proteinate is widely used in human healthcare and is active against bacteria, fungi and some viruses. It also prevents secondary infection of damaged tissues and promotes the rapid healing of wounds and damaged fins. Aloë vera repairs and soothes the slime coat of fish which prevents parasites and other harmful pathogens gaining access to the skin. The addition of Sodium chloride will also revitalise run down fish, by aiding osmosis and helping to keep infections at bay.

King British Safe Home can be found at all good pet stores and garden centres nationwide.