A Guide On Small Pet Bedding

Small pet bedding is a necessity for any small pet enclosure. There are a few options from the more natural looking pine bedding in hay, to the awesome colours of carefresh bedding to brighten up any small pet enclosure.

Changing your small pets bedding regularly is critical to managing any odour from your small pets, and every pet and enclosure can be different depending on how warm it is, where it’s positioned and how many pets you have.

Through a little trial and error you will be able to maximise the length of time between changes of bedding.

Types Of Bedding

Pine Shavings

Pine bedding is very absorbent, and help to neutralise the odour of your pets waste. The pine bedding is ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs in an open enclosure.

Aspen Pine Shavings

Aspen bedding is the best wood shavings for you rats and mice at it does not include phenols or dust that can affect your rats and mice respiratory system.

Carefresh Paper Bedding

Although carefresh paper bedding is a more expensive option paper based bedding is very absorbent, really soft, controls odour really well and is super comfy for your pet to sleep in!

These paper bedding materials can have funky smells when they get wet, but only if they become saturated in your animal’s cage. The smell is almost like an indicator the cage needs cleaned! If you do find that there is a saturated area, it should be changed immediately avoid mold growth.

Hay Bedding

Hay bedding is both a bedding and a food as hay can provide fibre to aid in digestion.